As a population, we cannot avoid the need to tackle climate chaos and quickly. The fashion industry is a mayor contributor to emissions and pollution which harms us all, as well as labour practices that harm workers. This has encouraged many to not purchase fast fashion, opting to buy upcycled, reworked, or pre-loved items of clothing. Which wonderful for us, because that's what we're all about.

We don't often have sales because we do not inflate our prices just so that we can knock them down again, instead our pieces are fairly priced to ensure a living wage for the person who produced it. However, we are also dedicated to reducing waste into landfill whilst creating beautiful objects to wear and love. Which means we have a little too much stock in our little boutique. It is also Go Green Week February 10-14th.

So we are going to have a sale of items, to make room for more. And because we are also passionate about protecting the planet that we live on for everything that depends on it, 50% of profits will be donated to People and Planet, a student led organisation that campaigns for immediate action on climate chaos.

read about out environmental stance here